...dedicated to enforcement of judicial judgments...
"if we don't Recover it, we don't get paid"


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EagleJaar is a member in good standing of National Judgment Network 

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EagleJaar is a team dedicated to the enforcement of judicial judgments.

  • We are not a collection agency nor are we a Law firm or Attorneys.
However, we do seek their help whenever we need to do so. As professionals we work to ensure that a Judgment gets paid. We do this utilizing:
  • The power of the Legal system necessary along with utilizing our own proprietary system.
  • We have use of advanced investigation, sources, techniques, tools through our National Judgment Network and partners.
  • Our motivation - "if we don't recover it ... we don't get paid" especially as there is no-cost to judgment creditor. 
"  I am completely satisfied with the service that you provided..... you were a great help to me .. Thank You".    Randell C , Winder GA

"There is no-cost to a judgment creditor who is still awaiting any monies to appear from a judgment debtor"

Fact 1: Almost 80% of all judgments are never recovered. Why: …Your judgment may have been awarded by the court but enforcement is your responsibility. Until then it is an “IOU” only! Initially you are  happy that you 'won', but later you release that it is only a paper you hold, and you have to get those monies the law says is rightfully yours!

Fact 2: ..... "It is not illegal to owe someone"…

"Observations and reporting by collection associations and national financial reporting articles: - As the debt ages, amounts that a creditor or a collection agency could probably collect, significantly drops For example:  $140 of a $1000 debt is probably collectable in 3 Years time".
Okay..You definitely don't want to be part of those statistics right!.....or do you?

WHY EagleJaar ....?
  • EagleJaar can succeed when you can't!
  • We have the resources, expertise, and determination to enforce the judgment you worked so hard to get.
  • We will conduct a thorough investigation to uncover any assets or sources of income, and take whatever steps are necessary to legally seize them
So.... if you have a valid court awarded judgment of $500 or more, we will use every method at our disposal to recover full amount of that unpaid judgment plus any interest that the judgment has accrued since it was issued.
  • We will track the judgment debtor down even if the debtors has moved to another state. 
  • We have access to both private and public databases that allows us to 'skip-trace' the debtor and to locate any assets that he/she/it/they may have.
  • As allowed by law, we will garnish wages, attach bank accounts, and seize assets as necessary. In short we will garnish, lien and levy assets to secure payment.
If possible, we will try to do so without any notification or confrontation. In short, we will enforce the judgment that was legally and rightfully awarded to you by the courts!
  • At EagleJaar, we are dedicated to ensure we have best systems and resources to find where debtors work, own property or where they bank.
  • Hence, we can effectively, utilize the Legal System and its powers to get that debt paid swiftly and effectively.
  • We neither charge an application fee nor require you to cover any upfront expenses.
  • We purchase the judgment from you for a percentage of anything that we are eventually able to recover from the judgment debtor.
  • Expenses and legal costs incurred in the enforcement of your judgment are advanced by us. However, some exceptions do apply, but they will be agreed with you beforehand . Eg: if we are required to appear in court to represent against exemptions filed by the defendant, Debtor examinations etc, a pre-agreed flat fee, will be deducted as an expense against any recoverable funds.
  • There is never an up-front charge of any kind! 
We are currently accepting judgments awarded in Georgia, USA.

Just a note: - Our survival purely depends on receiving monies that is owed. – Since you don’t pay any costs, it is our money this we expend up-front.

Our Motivation: To survive WE GOT TO SUCCEED. If we don’t succeed then we are the ones who lose money, not you!

What do I do Next…..?

  1. To get the ball rolling, please Click Here to complete a short application.
  2. It would also be helpful to send us a copy of the judgment order itself as it contains a lot of necessary information. Your judgment may be:
    • Faxed to: +1 678 348 7138 or
    • Scanned and emailed to admin@eaglejaar.com or
    • Sent via Mail to: EagleJaar, "JC", STE 12 419, 2133 Lawrenceville-Suwanee Rd, Suwanee, GA 30024, USA
        1. You ask: Do I have anything to lose or is it going to cost me anything to apply?

          The answer is a BIG NO! - By completing this application there is: - No obligation, No fees or No cost Period!.  There is no consultation FEE! Either.

          We will review your case and arrange a telephone consultation with you as quickly as possible. There is absolutely no obligation on your part.

          Isn't it time justice served, really did put 

          money in your pocket?

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